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Services :




CORROSION Installation : ICCP, SACP, STAC, Groundbed

CORROSION Inspection, Assessment, Commissioning :  ECDA-external corrosion direct assessment,  Risk Based Inspection, TANK-SEAL Inspection,  TOFD Phased Array,  Tower Telco Assessment,  Electrical-Mechanical Assessment InfraRed Thermography



TANK SEAL maintenance, 

BOILER maintenance, 

BLASTING – Painting 

CONSTRUCTION :  Civil,  Steel,  Sandwich-panel,  &  ME installation


Products :


ICCP System,

SACP System,   

STAC System, Splash-pro Protection System UTI Lizing Surface Tolerant Anticorrosion

Vale Jetty, 

Marine Anodes, 

Offshore Bracelet Anodes,

Offshore Platform Anodes

For Buried Pipeline, Power Plant, Refinery, Petrochemical, Industrial, Offshore, Marine, Jetty, etc.








Work Scope :

Work execution plan & procedure,  Mob Demobilitation subcont man power & equipment,  Provide experience Supervisor, Engineer & Worker,  Provide Safety inspector & Quality inspector,  Tools for inspection,  Inspection, Test report & records,  Progress report & records,  HSE report & records,  QHSE implementation,  Site preparation & clearance,  Site facilities (camp, office, workshop, warehouse, etc.),  Water facilities,  Power & Electrical facilities,  Distribution power include panel & cable,  Fuel facilities,  Catering facilities & meal service,  First Aid facilities,  Construction equipment, Scaffolding & others,  Consumable & temporary material for construction,  Working ship,  Obtaining all kind of work permits in job site, Arrangement & dispatch of construction personel,  Training & qualification test of labour,  Travel expenses to the site for construction personel,  Communication expenses for construction personel,  Medical expenses for construction personel,  Security of equipment,  Collection & disposal waste,  Safety equipment,  etc.


Signature :

Indonesia Power,  Cikarang Listrindo, Schneider Indonesia, Pertamina EP,  Perusahaan Gas Negara,  Air Liquede Indonesia,  BP Tangguh,  Perta Arun Gas,  Donggi Senoro LNG,  Pupuk Kaltim,  Candra Asri Petrochemical,  Lotte Chemical Titan, OKI Pulp & Paper Mills,  Freeport Indonesia,  Medco Energy,  Cnooc Ses.Ltd,  Premier Oil,  Chevron Indonesia


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Tower Telecommunication Assessment,

The objectives of this assesment are to check the adequacy of the strength and stiffness of its structure

Electrical mechanical – Infrared Thermography,

The thermographic camera an excellent tool for maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems in industri and commerce

TOFD and Phased Array,

Ultrasonic used for detection of defects and corrosion in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


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